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# Abbreviation Description
MOEI It is a short cut for Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Knowledge Center A page that contains useful links, Petrol Prices/Stations around UAE and other useful data that concerns different users
Home Guide to Electrical Efficiency A software that compares electrical consumption of your home with average homes in UAE  and gives some tips to reduce consumption
Open Data A page that Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure provides for all users to read or download data available in different format such as Statistics, reports, etc
171 Tawasul An electronic system to submit any suggestion or complaint to the Ministry
Minister Minister of Energy and Infrastructure
Ministry Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
UAE United Arab Emirates
e-dirham E-Dirham System is an electronic smart cards that is used to pay all services fees online. For more detail, please visit the official sited for the e-dirham
Geological The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth
Geophysical The physics of the earth and its environment
seismic The geophysical science of earthquakes and the mechanical properties of the earth
Shuaa An online solar web application done my Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, it means solar beam or radiation in Arabic
Dams App

An application through the web to provides a roadmap to the dam sites in the wadis engineering and water information and data for interest to visitors and student, researchers

Aggregate Particle size distribution-Wet Sieving
Cube Compressive Strength of concrete cube
Core Drilling 50 mm Core from lab.
Beam Flexural Strength
Masonry Block Compressive Strength
Concrete Chloride content
Precast Flags Transverse Strength
Precast Kerbs Quadrants (compressive strength )
Bricks Compressive stength of bricks
Concrete : Insitu & NDT Sonic Pulse Velocity Test using PUNDIT
Fresh Concrete Cement content
Paint Specific Gravity
Vice President Vice President of United Arab Emirates
President President of United Arab Emirates
UAE United Arab Emirates
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