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In line with the plan of merging the Ministries of the Infrastructure Development and Energy and to join the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and the Federal Land and Maritime Transport Authority to the new Ministry, as well as the needs and aspirations of the community groups, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure implements a strategic plan aiming, in its entirety, to organize, develop and enhance the competitiveness of the UAE in the sectors of energy, mining, water resources and land and sea transportation, roads, utilities, housing, building and construction and in investment sustainability, as well as optimizing the partnerships, technology and advanced sciences, in addition to adopting global innovative solutions to improve the quality of the society's life.

This plan is considered a roadmap for a new phase of comprehensive development in accordance with the vision of the future government, which contributes to the government’s efforts to achieve the goals of the next fifty years, reaching to the UAE Centennial 2071, and pushing the national economy to achieve global leadership, in addition to ensuring the provision of distinguished services to customers that have been designed in accordance with quality standards, efficiency, and transparency.

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