Page last updated: Monday, October 10, 2022

Nomination Requirements

  1. It is acceptable to participate in more than one category but not with the same project/ research.
  2. The research must be under the name of the person, company, or government entity applying for the award.
  3. The research must be submitted in Arabic or English.
  4. The submitted research must be original and have not won an award from any other party.
  5. The application must include a recommendation from the applicant's employer (not applicable for individual participants).
  6. Candidates for the award must prove their readiness (providing a visual presentation of the methodology and results of the research).
  7. Research that does not comply with the topics of the award and does not meet the requirements and conditions of the award will be disqualified.
  8. Proposals included in the research results can be applied in practice.
  9. The award allows the acceptance of research and applied achievements for a period of two years prior to the date of announcement of the award.
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