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The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is interested in the principle of partnership with various parties, as the partnership is a long-term strategic relationship between the Ministry and any other party that meets in its objectives with the Ministry.

The organizational structure of IMO

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The Role And Responsibilities Of The IMO Executive Council

The Council is the executive organ of IMO and is responsible, under the Assembly, for supervising the work of the Organization. The Council is made up of 40 Member States, elected by the Assembly for two-year terms.

UAE Significant Maritime Initiatives

Key Pillars Of The UAE's Competitiveness In The Maritime Sector and Marine Infrastructure

The UAE's Role In Supporting Sustainability In The Maritime Sector In The International Maritime Organization

Seafarers support

Caring for seafarers working onboard ships is the mainstay in the maritime transport industry, and in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UAE has taken the initiative to classify seafarers as “priority workers” because they have been on the front line since the onset of the pandemic, providing critical services despite challenging circumstances. The Member State has also enabled them to return to their Member States.

The UAE’s Role In Supporting Sustainability

COVID vaccination

Vaccines against COVID-19 have been provided free of charge to all key workers, including seafarers and port employees working in the Member State's waters. In addition, all ports in the Member State are working round the clock to efficiently provide services to maintain uninterrupted flow of trade. The Member State provided all the necessary support to facilitate safe and secure crew changes.

The UAE’s Role In Supporting Sustainability

Emission reduction

The UAE has contributed to the implementation of the International Maritime Organization's initial strategy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships and will continue to support the development of the follow-up action plan and Fourth Greenhouse Gas Study 2020.

The UAE’s Role In Supporting Sustainability

Maritime education support

The UAE is considered one of the first contributors to the efforts of the International Maritime Organization to establish the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, since its establishment in 1983, through its active membership in the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee, between 1983 and 1991. This is in addition to the Member State’s participation in many national and international forums, which aim to transfer and exchange experiences in the field of maritime education and training.

Maritime Education Support

As part of the UAE’s interest in the field of maritime training, the Member State established in Khorfakkan in the Emirate of Sharjah a branch of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Sharjah branch, one of the academies of the League of the Arab States, which is headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt. The state has also established the Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy in the capital Abu Dhabi.

Maritime Education Support

Empowering women in the maritime sector

Empowering women in the maritime sector

he UAE is considered as one of the leading Member States in supporting and empowering women in all fields, including the maritime sector, as it contributed to the preparation of the IMO’s Assembly Resolution No. A.1147 (31) titled “Preserving the legacy of the global maritime logo for the year 2019 and achieving a barrier-free work environment for women in the maritime sector”. It was adopted at the 31st session of the Assembly held at the end of 2019.

Empowering Women

Supporting Gender Equality

The UAE is among the founders of the IMOGENder, a network for IMO delegates seeking to achieve gender equality. The network constitutes a forum for delegates of member states and observer delegations to the IMO, to work in a coordinated manner and exchange information, ideas and best practices aimed at achieving gender equality and enhancing the participation of women in the maritime sector.

Empowering Women

Arab women in maritime association

The UAE is currently chairing the Arab Women’s Association in the Maritime Sector (AWIMA), in cooperation with the International Maritime Organization’s Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP) in supporting women in the maritime sector, to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, the fifth goal on achieving gender equality.

Empowering Women

Commitment To International Agreements

  • The UAE participated in a proposal to develop the best approach to the process of determining the regulatory scoping of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) within the framework of the maritime safety committee and the legal committee.
  • The UAE has contributed to the work of the legal committee by submitting a proposal to the assembly’s decision, regarding the development of new measures to prevent illegal practices associated with fraudulent registration and false records of ships.
  • The UAE, in coordination with the International Maritime Organization’s technical cooperation department, hosted several regional workshops and other capacity-building activities to help the IMO provide the capabilities needed to implement international maritime regulations and standards. In addition to submitting the assembly resolution proposal on funding and partnership arrangements for an effective and sustainable integrated technical cooperation program.
  • The UAE has acceded to and ratified 35 of the treaty instruments (conventions and protocols) of the International Maritime Organization, in addition to the application of these instruments within the national legislation, which was significantly reflected in the results of the report of the organization’s program for auditing member states (IMSAS), implemented in 2016. Its results revealed the degree of commitment of the maritime sector. In this regard, the UAE’s levels are comparable to developed member states in the field of maritime transport.

Supporting The IMO In Achieving Its Strategic Vision And Directions

The UAE is committed to its responsibility of participating in establishing a sustainable platform for exchanging knowledge between member states with maritime administrations on best practices, providing added value to the technical and legal discussions held at the International Maritime Organization. It has contributed to proposals aimed at strengthening safety and maritime security regulations and preserving the marine environment.

Supporting The IMO In Achieving
Supporting The IMO In Achieving

The Member State sought to amend Article (81) of the IMO Convention, which previously included the use of only Spanish, English, and French within the organization. The UAE has proposed adding Arabic, Chinese, and Russian Federation as equally authentic languages, and these amendments will require several years to be implemented.

The UAE contributed to amending the IMO agreement by submitting a proposal to increase the members of the organization’s council to consist of 52 members instead of 40 members, to be included under three categories: Category A and Category B, which include 12 members and Category C, which includes 28 members, in addition to the proposal to increase the term of office of the Council for four years and increasing the quorum to become 34 members

Supporting The IMO In Achieving

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