Page last updated: Friday, March 10, 2023

Our Strategy

  1. Ensuring inclusiveness and integration in Energy and Infrastructure at the national level to enhance the country's competitiveness.
  2. Enhancing wellbeing in Energy and Infrastructure to ensure stakeholders happiness.
  3. Developing and sustaining investments and economic opportunities in Energy and Infrastructure.
  4. Ensure pioneering & preemptiveness for climate neutrality in the energy and transportation sector at the national level.
  5. Organizing, developing and achieving sustainable energy and petroleum security.
  6. Ensuring the quality of infrastructure and transportation in accordance with global pioneering and competitiveness standards.
  7. Efficient management of housing needs and its sources of finance.
  8. Attracting and empowering the best human talent, and providing efficient and effective institutional services and digital infrastructure.
  9. Enhancing innovation practices that based on Agility, preemptiveness and readiness within the Business Model.
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