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The main objective of any partnership concluded by Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is to achieve the Ministry's vision for UAE, to be one of the best countries in the world in sustainable energy, water, infrastructure, housing and transportation through joint work with one or more government agencies (federal or Local), private sector companies, international partners, universities and research institutes

Ministries and Authorities

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Governmental Departments and Bureaus
Semi- Government and Private Sector Institutions
International Partners
Universities and Research Institutes
  • Partnerships Department
    • Evaluate and Measure satisfaction
    • Planning future partnerships
    • Preparing Ministry's communication plan with its partners
    • Developing partnerships
  • Criteria for Assessing and Honoring Partners

    First: Satisfaction with relationship with the partner

    • Clarity of partnership boundaries and frameworks
    • Effectiveness of relationship with the partner
    • Effectiveness of joint cooperation with the partner
    • Implementing phrases of Service level agreements and MOUS
    • Achieving mutual benefit and added value
    • Partner's support and assistance in the institutional development of the department
    • Improvement in Operations Performance, simplification of procedures and development of services

    Second: Effective communication and contacts

    • Communicate with partners
    • The level of effectiveness of communication channels
    • Gatherings , meetings and visits
    • The level of response to transactions and messages
    • Handling complaints and receiving suggestions
  • Partners List

    The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is interested in the principle of partnership with various parties, as the partnership is a long-term strategic relationship between the Ministry and any other party that meets in its objectives with the Ministry. The Ministry has been keen to establish partnerships and cooperation with many ministries and agencies, government departments and bureaus, semi-governmental and private sector institutions, international partners, universities and research institutes in order to achieve its vision and mission. Below is a list of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure's most important partners

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