Global Star Rating System for Services

1) Energy Solutions for Better Future

This category could recognize breakthrough research in the following topics:

  • Achieving access to clean and optimal energy production, preservation, and management through the application of optimal technologies, strategies, or by adopting best practices.
  • Developing renewable energy solutions to increase production capacity in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to triple renewable energy by 2030.
  • Establishing a flexible roadmap for low-emission hydrogen production technologies and enhancing the growth of this sector to support the local market.
  • Improving energy efficiency in high-consumption sectors in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Enhancing the efficiency and security of electrical networks through the application of unique new technologies.
  • Strengthening the resilience of energy systems to cope with natural disasters and emergencies.
  • Developing low-carbon energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector.

2) Water security and sustainability

This category includes the following topics:

  • Applying artificial intelligence technologies in the field of desalination and water treatment.
  • Applications of the circular economy in the field of water.
  • Sustainable management of surface and groundwater.

3) Cities of the Future

This category includes the following topics:

  • Develop unique city infrastructure designs that support sustainability and futuristic urban planning.
  • Demonstrate the implementation of smart energy networks, smart buildings, and smart traffic systems to improve the quality of life.
  • Develop the role of strategic policies and legislation that enables building future cities, including developing strategies and framework of data integration between different entities.
  • Develop innovative systems and methods to enhance predicting future maintenance plans for buildings and roads.
  • Develop intelligent and effective disaster response strategies while minimizing potential damage through forecasting and artificial intelligence models.
  • Providing comprehensive digital twin solutions for smart cities, including the impact measurement phase for sustainability and quality of life standards.

4) Revolution on Wheels

This award is given to research that serves the smart mobility of the land and sea transport sectors to reach green and sustainable mobility that addresses current and future challenges:

  • Developing policies and innovative procedures for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and road facilities across UAE based on best practices and experiences.
  • Provide efficient logistics solutions that significantly improve supply chain efficiencies by leveraging innovative technology and methodologies for transport management.
  • Public transportation advancements and services that set a new standard for sustainability in transportation.
  • Providing research addressing traffic congestion challenges with the best and most appropriate economically feasible solutions.
  • Developing innovative road asphalt specifications and materials to enhance climate change resilience. The study should demonstrate the material's improvement through the provision of approved datasheets.
  • Autonomous ships and marine technology.
  • Developing port infrastructure according to sustainable practices.

5) Housing Era

This award is given to the research that serves the housing sector to provide innovative housing solutions, including the following topics:

  • Enhancing Housing Stability for Indigenous Residents.
  • Providing solutions to housing challenges while reducing costs during the design, planning, and construction stages.
  • Developing innovative solutions towards the future of climate change and reducing the carbon footprint.

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