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1) Eligibility

  • Government entities, companies, universities and research centers, or Individuals can submit their applied research projects for the award.
  • The applicant must be the owner of the applied research project.
  • The prize will be awarded to the winner in each category: Government organizations, Private sector, Universities and R&D Centers, and Startups. In the individual researcher & expert and youth categories, the prize will be awarded to the person.

2) Originality

  • Applications for the award will only be considered for applied research projects with novelty that have measurable results and impact.
  • The applied research projects should showcase originality, creativity, and a unique perspective in addressing challenges or opportunities within the field.

3) Innovation

  • The submitted applied research projects should demonstrate a significant level of innovation.
  • The extent and effectiveness of collaboration between different entities or stakeholders will add an advantage during the evaluation process.

4) Compliance and Disqualification

  • The submitted project must align with the topics of the award.
  • Applications that fail to meet the requirements and conditions of the award will be disqualified.
  • The applied research or project topics must be within the Ministry’s operational fields and applicable to be implemented in the Ministry projects.
  • Applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions of the award and do not comply with the forms will be excluded.
  • The award accepts applied research that has achievements for a period of two years prior to the date of announcement of the award.

5) Recommendation letter

  • If applying under the “Individual researchers and experts or youth categories", the participant confirms that the work is owned by the participant (Requires to agree on the Intellectual Property Declaration and does not require a recommendation letter).
  • If applying under “Government organizations, Private sector, Universities and R&D Centers, and Startups” each application should be supported by an official letter from the sponsor institution(s) headed to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure with the subject Research and Innovation Award 2024.

6) Language and Submission

  • The submitted application must be in Arabic or English.
  • All submissions must adhere to the Research and Innovation Award design templates (To download the english template Click here , or in Arabic Click here)
  • A PowerPoint presentation must be included along with the submission in Arabic and English.
  • The applicant must attach all evidence and results supporting the applied research project that demonstrates performance and impact measurement.

* Applied research project

An applied research project is a focused development aimed at solving practical problems or addressing specific challenges in the real world. It applies knowledge to generate solutions with direct relevance that often involves interdisciplinary collaboration. The goal is to produce actionable outcomes through practical implementation of the significant findings and measure the positive impact. Through this Award, the ministry is pursuing the most innovative applied research projects in the fields of energy, water, infrastructure, transport, and housing.

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