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About Sheikh Zayed Housing Program

In line with the plan of merging both the ministries of the Infrastructure Development and Energy; with the annexation of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and the Federal Land and Maritime Transport Authority to the new ministry, and in order to align with the needs and aspirations of the sons and daughters of the UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program implements a strategic plan aiming, in its entirety, to provide sustainable government housing that achieves happiness for citizens and enhances the competitiveness of the state ... This plan is considered as a roadmap for a new phase of comprehensive development in accordance with the vision of the future government, which contributes to the government's efforts to achieve the goals of the next fifty years related to the government housing sector, which is a priority in the program's agenda.

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What Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Offers

Beneficiaries Of The New Housing

The program aims at providing housing to citizens in the country. Therefore, it works to achieve this noble national goal in the light of the state of the Union, since the provision of adequate housing for citizens is a necessity of life and a key pillar for achieving progress and comprehensive development in the country.

The program followed a new approach based on scientific and methodological basis to develop the human and material potential of the program to keep up with the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the State in various fields.

There is no doubt that we face great challenges and that the key to reaching maximum performance lies in our ability to read and understand the reality of our work environment and adapt and adapt to it. We should continue to explore new ways to establish informed dialogue with different groups of society and to ensure adequate housing for national families, In achieving stability and community development by meeting future needs

Therefore, the strategy of the program requires us to look to the future and look forward to it, and we should have the will and willingness to respond flexibly and appropriately to each of the requirements and changes determined by the government with the need to prepare and readiness for changes and keep pace with future housing requirements.

Continuing Successes

Continuing Successes

The program has achieved many successes and achievements through the development plans and modernization based on the provision of human capabilities national and qualified, and the expansion of the development of services provided to citizens in accordance with effective strategic plans to accommodate the requirements of the present and future based on providing a variety of affordable housing solutions for citizens with a focus on high quality in the delivery of services.

The program is one of the most important federal institutions in the country for its pioneering and active work that contributes clearly to the support of the citizens. It is based on the highest goal of securing the right housing according to the best standards and technical specifications.

The program has adopted a consistent and harmonious management approach and has been able to meet new requirements within the available resources as we seek to establish and establish the foundations and rules that ensure the preparation and equipping of employees for excellence and leadership in providing the best housing service for the national family.

Basic Functions And Competencies

The Programme constitutes one of the important and prominent additions to the projects and programs which aim to serve the locals and meet their needs with regard to the provision of adequate housing, by providing grants and loans for housing construction, completion or conducting the necessary maintenance and additions to the house.

Basic functions and competencies

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