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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates lies on the Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Its coastline of UAE stretches along the Arabian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman. Its capital is Abu Dhabi.

On December the 2nd , 1971, the United Arab Emirates formed a Federal Government of seven Emirates:- Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Raas Al Khema, Um Al Quwain, Ajman and Fujairah. The country accomplished enormous development programs in a short period of time.

For example:

  • The UAE is considered the third richest country in the world in terms of that is $ 16.471. per capita income.
  • It’s considered the fourth oil producer in the world, with a 2.5 million barrels a day.
  • In the field of social, health and education services, the UAE has achieved a lot:
  • Low crime rate, one of the lowest in the world: 19 of every 1000.
  • Spread of education at a ratio of one teacher for every 12 students.
  • Spread of health services: a doctor for every 311 patient, and a hospital bed for every 853 patients.
  • Development of communications and transport by a car for every six persons, and a phone for every three.

Land and Population

The area of the United Arab Emirates is about 83.600 square kilometers including around 200 islands. The population of the UAE was 4.444.011 people according to census of year 2005 was. The local citizens were 21%. The citizens are Arabs who were Bedouins in the past working in agriculture, pearls' diving and fishing.


The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the richest countries in the world and the richest in the Middle East with a high per capita income. It’s one of the oil producing countries whose economy is mainly based on oil products, but aiming at reducing its dependence on oil, the UAE is taking great redevelopment to its economy. Dubai is considered number one financial center in the UAE and the Gulf region as a whole.


United Arab Emirates is one of the most important hospitable tourist destination in the Middle East.The Arab generosity and guest entertainment which is now completed with an up to date an infrastructure of roads, hotels, communications, airports, sea-ports and many other services and facilities. The country paid great attention to the travel and tourism industry specially in facilitating visitor entry procedures.

The gigantic afforestation projects added a splendor of greenery and beauty, and the cities and desserts were adorned with luxury gardens and lush shades which became a perfect breeding ground for rare migrating birds, moreover the reserves that welcome diverse kinds of migratory birds year after year, and which became a safe haven for rare kinds of wild animals like "AL-Maha" and The Arabian Deer. Thanks to sporting facilities, UAE has become an important center for the activities of regional and international sports, camel and horse races, fast sailing and cars' races, snooker, golf, cricket, tennis, involving some of the world champions and international teams.

The UAE markets became a magnet for shoppers from all over the world as it provides them with unique diversity, cheap prices, excellent services and a secure environment that is free of crimes, this is in addition to trade show rooms, industrial and military that displays the latest products and attract businessmen.

The following summarizes the most important information:

Capital: Abu Dhabi

System of Government:  Federal

Religion: Islam

​Official Language: Arabic

Currency: Dirham

From more information about UAE you can visit the Official Site of UAE government:


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