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Innovation - how to get started

Monday, October 28, 2019

  Think around you, connect with the idea and set the goal, consider deepen and imagine what is around you and ask yourself, if your idea was implemented on the ground What is new in this?  Get off get out in the neighborhood on foot with the whole idea. Take a different road and don't use any means of transportation.  Learn ask find and learn from around you, from the smallest person in your home to the oldest, learn from the silence of walls, learn from your helper, nanny and your youngest staff, turn to them and learn, remember that they are the sea of information you will not find in your book.  Create, yes, you are here, make sure you love if you were given that gift and remember as if you were given something that you did not know that you wish for years and took it with pride.  Try it and compare it to the test.  Evaluate it either to reveal its shortcomings, to conclude its success, or to take you to a more beautiful and comprehensive idea.  Innovate when the idea is implemented and take a great deal of contentment and satisfaction and complete, know that you began to innovate, carry one and continue there is no limit to the fun in experiencing the new.

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