Rock wool and Rationalization of Energy

Sunday, June 21, 2020

ockwool is an inorganic fiber consisting mainly of silica and ammonia. The rock wool fibers are made of basalt rocks in addition to other components such as gypsum and coal. To enhance the culture of rationalization and of the use of innovative and safe methods and other uses, rock wool is considered the best in the field in of building efficiency in thermal insulation, in sound insulation and fire protection. It is also used to cover pipes; and rock wool is considered as a medium for growing some plants instead of soil. Basalt rocks are pure volcanic rock that has formed millions of years ago. Rockwool, as the name indicates, consists of basalt smelting mixed with coke coal and limestone then converting it into fibers. Rockwool, which can be classified as inorganic, has excellent resistance to high temperatures and has superior acoustic and insulation properties.

Sources of rock wool

The main raw materials for Rockwool products are abundant natural and renewable resources produced by volcanoes and tectonic movements. About 97% of mineral materials such as basalt and gabbro are used in the production of Rockwool, as well as recycled materials.

How it reduces energy consumption

Rockwool is a fibrous product of volcanic and underground basal rocks produced by melting the rocks at a temperature of 1500 ° C. they are spun by machines to convert them into flexible fibers, and assembled and formed to obtain various types of fibers. Rockwool is used with high efficiency in the thermal insulation and acoustic insulation applications.



40% of energy is consumed in the buildings, heating and cooling systems consume about 55% of the total energy used, while the rest of the systems consume 45%. It has been shown that rock wool contributes to saving 35% of the energy.

UAE has huge and inexhaustible reserves of igneous rocks that can be used as raw materials for making Rockwool. Rockwool is currently being produced by the Fujairah Rockwool Factory, which is the first Rockwool factory in the GCC region, where it began with modest beginnings of 5000 tons, to become the largest manufacturer of insulation products in the Middle East, the Far East and many parts of the world.

Rockwool products in Fujairah are used for insulation in both commercial and industrial institutions such as power plants, water desalination plants, petrochemical plants and refineries as well as homes, offices, buildings, schools, factories, and others.

Khalid ALI ALHosani

Director of Geology & Mineral Resources Department 

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