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Geographic Information System

Shuaa: Emirates Solar Calculator

The Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure of UAE online solar web application Shuaa, which means solar beam or radiation in Arabic, is a free web based application, which enables UAE residents to perform preliminary calculations for estimating solar power generation potential within their vicinities whether it is a roof, farm, mall, warehouse, factory or parking lot.

Shuaa employs solar resource and technology data within a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform to answer key questions which confuse most small scale solar investors. These include questions such as How much roof area do I require to install a rooftop solar PV system in my property; does my property get enough sun; or how much could I save on my electricity bills?

To facilitate users, Shuaa utilizes a user friendly, map based approach for selecting a specific property in any Emirate of UAE and marking space available for deployment of solar panels. Thereafter, the application shall evaluate the size of the solar PV system, monthly solar power generated, savings on electricity bills as well as potential emission savings. It is crucial to reduce the ambiguities and confusion which all of us face prior to investing in solar PV at our properties and Shuaa is built to achieve just that. The first version of Shuaa is already online and can be used by users for free. The Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure seeks to add more features to the application soon such as second generation solar photovoltaic technologies, approved list of solar PV consultants and contractors as well as additional information on balance of system components.


- What is the Emirates Solar Calculator- SHUAA?
- Tutorial - SHUAA

United Arab Emirates Water Platform

The water platform is a comprehensive information system. It aims to provide decision-makers and specialists in the field of integrated water resources management with the most important information related to water resources in the UAE to use it in strategic planning and future foresight to demonstrate our commitment to conserving natural resources and ensuring sustainable management.

The platform consists of the Water Encyclopedia, the Digital Library, Geo-applications and Water Dashboards. The Water Encyclopedia contains a number of chapters, each chapter related to a specific topic such as Climate and Terrain, Surface Water, Groundwater, Non-conventional Water Resources and Water-Related Sustainable Development Goals, The Digital Library is the hub for collecting and sharing documents and water related knowledge resources such as Technical Reports, Maps, News, photos and films and studies documents, the Geo-applications enable users to geospatial data relates to water using Watershed Explorer, Water Tourism and Dams applications.

The Water Dashboards provide a display of water data and indicators related to Desalinated Water, Treated Water, Water Harvesting and Water Demand Supply Balance The water platform seeks to be an integrated system for sharing and exchanging water data and information by government entities and authorities to reflect the state of water resources in the country.

For more information, please visit the Water Platform website

Water Platform

- Introduction to UAE Water Platform

ATMATA (Public Version): The Gate to Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Annual Statistical Report

ATMATA is a web application intended to provide a complete and accurate statistical data for the energy, water, Petroleum sector in the UAE, this application helps decision-makers and other stakeholders in the development of strategies and plans that will contribute to the development of the state and prosperity, as well as the provision of such data to the research and studies and those centers for the purpose of scientific research.


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