The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure begins the construction of the first federal building with 3D printing technique

Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure revealed the start of the construction of the first government building with 3D printing techniques, as the Ministry has begun to construct and complete a court building and the Madam Partial Prosecution building with this modern technology, which is a radical turning point in the construction sector, which in turn will increase the pace and speed of building implementation and completion in record time and reduce construction costs.

In turn, His Excellency Eng. Youssef Abdullah, Assistant Undersecretary for the Federal Infrastructure Projects Sector at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, said: “This step comes within the framework of the efforts made by the Ministry to benefit from the most important technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, namely the 3D printing, in the implementation of the infrastructure projects, which supports the directions of The United Arab Emirates in the field of sustainability by reducing the construction waste, where printing is done electronically according to engineering plans directly without the human intervention.

His Excellency added: "The Ministry aims to promote the concept of innovation and sustainable development by harnessing the smart technology as an advanced method of work to enhance the state's position and make it a leading center in the implementation of the infrastructure projects. The use of 3D printing technology, which is an advanced technology and the first of its kind in the field of construction for federal buildings, reduces the cost of construction by 50% and reduces the percentage of waste resulting from the construction operations by more than 60%, which positively reflects on the economic return of the sector, and it contributes to achieving the environmental and resource sustainability and supports the direction of the Ministry stemming from the direction of the UAE government.”

He pointed out that the use 3D printing technology in the construction of the government buildings is a quantum leap in the field of building and construction, noting that the use of this technology is based on the completion of metal formwork, reinforcement, the pouring of concrete and building bricks. He stressed that the Ministry was keen to use the mixture materials available in the country, which are characterized by a high and effective level of insulation by printing walls in an innovative engineering way to take advantage of the voids in the walls in an effective and sustainable manner. This contributes to insulating the building thermally and reducing the energy consumption rates, in addition to developing solutions to deliver services within the printed walls, which include all services for the building, such as electricity, water, communications, air conditioning and others.

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