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The Ministry of Energy and Industry organizes an innovative workshop in the use of space techniques and remote sensing in water management

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Ministry of Energy and Industry organized an interactive workshop on innovative technological solutions in the field of water resources. The workshop dealt with the use of space techniques, remote sensing and Earth observation systems in determining the crops consumption of water, and estimating the quantities of water use in UAE.

This workshop is part of the Innovation Month of the year and within the framework of the Higher Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation in UAE; in line with the areas of focus of the Advanced Innovation Strategy which include 7 areas of:  Exploration, skills of the future, quality of health, living and life, green power, mobility, and technology for human service.

The workshop reviewed the actual use of space techniques (remote sensing and Earth observation systems); as well as mathematical modeling of water resource management under the natural conditions of water use for agricultural purposes in the country. The participants discussed the employment of remote sensing and land monitoring systems in the classification of agricultural land use, and the use of modern thermal sensing data and climate balancing method to conduct day-to-day monitoring of the requirements of crops and its consumption of water, then developing a hydrological model for estimating the quantities of groundwater used in agricultural irrigation.

The workshop held at the International Center for Saline Agriculture in Dubai, with the participation of a number of specialists and stakeholders in the federal and local government authorities, as well as participants from the private sector and academic entities.

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