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The Minister of Energy and Industry: UAE is the second largest producer of desalinated water globally

Thursday, March 22, 2018

H.E Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy and Industry, confirmed that UAE is actively seeking to sustain its water security and to balance the available water resources and demand from consuming sectors, and that today 100% of the population is covered by sanitation and fresh water.

He explained that UAE is the second largest desalination plant in the world. The installed capacity of desalination plants in the UAE is 1643 million gallons per day. The production of desalination plants in UAE is 441,016 million gallons per year.

"World Water Day is an occasion to highlight the importance of freshwater resources and advocate for the sustainable management of water resources," H.E said in a speech marking World Water Day, which falls on 22 March each year and came under the slogan "Nature for water". He highlighted also the existing efforts to address global water challenges.

HE pointed out that after the transfer of the water wallet to the Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Ministry launched in September 2017, within the annual meetings of the Government of UAE, the  Strategy of Water Security 2036, aiming at ensuring sustainable and continued access to water during normal and extreme emergency conditions.

He said that the demand for water in UAE has reached 5 billion cubic meters per year, and the average per capita consumption of water in UAE is twice the rate of consumption per capita in the countries of the world.

He added that the Strategy of Water Security 2036 adopted a set of objectives including: The reduction of total water demand by 21%, the increase the water productivity index by 69%, dropping the water scarcity index to 3 degrees, and increase the proportion of reuse of treated wastewater to 95%, with 472 million m3 / year being reused, mainly used for irrigation of landscaping and gardens, and some initiatives and assessment studies for its use in productive agriculture and industrial use.

In early 2018, in conjunction with the year Zayed, the largest desalination project in the world was announced to produce 200 million gallons of water per day in Al Taweela area, about 45 km north of Abu Dhabi.. The project revealed the strategic reservoir, whose most of its construction was completed, and it is operating it in Liwa, in Dhafra area, Abu Dhabi.

The strategic tunnel development program in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a landmark on the UAE's future infrastructure projects. This project meets the emirate's long-term needs for wastewater collection and transportation. Outstanding achievements and giant steps towards achieving sustainable water security have been achieved thanks to the strong support of the wise leadership, and to its far-sighted vision and sincere efforts of the UAE nationals.

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