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The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure creates a national guide for smart buildings to employ innovative technologies

Friday, February 26, 2021

During the events accompanying the UAE Innovation Week, which started on February 21 and continued until the 27th, H.E pointed out that the guide aims to develop basic drivers of flexible policies, elements and targets that stimulate the development of the construction sector, in a way that meets the aspirations of UAE government and its leadership supporting the transit of the state to the next fifty years; and enhancing its global leadership by creating an incubating environment for innovative, qualitative projects that support the work system.

H.E Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, revealed that the Ministry has created an ambitious national guide for smart buildings to employ modern and innovative technologies, and smart industries in describing the materials, specifications and design guides for the construction process, keeping abreast of the best practices and technologies developed to advance the modern construction industries forward, so the UAE becomes a pioneer in this field.

H.E indicated that the National Guide for Smart Constructions contains key elements for smart constructions, which are necessary for all parties to improve the construction process. It includes benchmarking for qualifying contractors' capabilities and enhancing cooperation between architects, designers and contractors to improve the overall results of the construction project, including the construction index, unified smart building index; in addition to the national index for smart constructions, and building information modeling: For the aim of providing support for investment decisions by comparing roles, scope, project costs and the optimal use of building project data during construction, operations and maintenance; as well as information technologies targeting (construction and business project management to achieve maximum measurable business objectives, for example (safety, schedule, cost, scope of delivery, and sustainability).

The manual also includes elements of the smart materials, which aim to improve the quality and technical performance of the structure and methods, and it also targets reducing the three factors: cost, time, and unskilled labor to complete projects within the timeframe, as well as the methodology to improve work efficiency and organizations' ability to repeat the process in an organized and productive manner); and other elements associated with smart construction.

In a related context, His Excellency the Minister launched the live monitoring system for bridges on federal roads, which is a system for assessing the condition of existing bridges and planning their maintenance operations.  It aims at implementing the initiative in cooperation with the University of Palermo in Italy, where the university will analyze the data in cooperation with the Ministry to establish a mechanism to predict the condition of bridges, and determine the type of required maintenance.

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