The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure defines the features of the housing sector for citizens for the next fifty years

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

In implementation of the directives of the wise leadership of UAE to intensify the national efforts and enhance integration and joint coordination between government agencies, both federal and local, as well as the private sector, and in order to involve community members in shaping the future of housing and developing an integrated plan that meets the desires and needs of the UAE citizens’ life, achieving their happiness and quality life and contributing to shaping the features of the UAE Centennial 2071, and its global leadership, The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure organized a virtual meeting with a wide participation that reflects the belief in the importance of the role of its partners in shaping a bright future for the UAE.

The virtual consultative meeting, chaired by Her Excellency Eng. Jamila Al-Fandi, Director of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, and Her Excellency Eng. Nadia Musallam Al-Naqbi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, in the presence of strategic partners in government agencies, both federal and local, and members of society and the private sector, discussed a number of topics related to the government housing sector and the future plans and targets, as well as the opportunity for community members and stakeholders to share their innovative ideas, proposals and future visions that support the comprehensive development process for the next fifty years in the UAE.

In her turn, Her Excellency the Director of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program said: "Through the meeting, we aim to strengthen the system of joint work with our partners and members of society, as well as to identify creative ideas and qualitative initiatives capable of advancing the housing sector for citizens, which is a major priority on the agenda of the wise leadership of the UAE." H.E called on everyone not to be stingy with their development ideas to design the comprehensive development plan for the next fifty years with the aim of developing this sector concerned with caring for the citizens and providing them with the elements of a decent life in a manner that meets the changes and requirements of the next stage in the development process of the UAE.

On her part, Engineer Nadia Musallam Al Naqbi stressed that the United Arab Emirates has given the housing sector great attention and allocated a large area to it within the preparations for the next fifty years; therefore the confidence of the wise leadership constitutes a motive for more work to serve our country and our citizens, and it is an incentive for more giving and work to continue the march of progress, prosperity and comprehensive development; armed with bright ideas and qualitative initiatives stemming from the community itself to smoothly cross over fifty years of qualitative achievements.

Her Excellency said: "Through this session, we translate the directives of the leadership in engaging the community members in formulating the initiatives and ideas, maximizing the benefit of the ambitious ideas and innovative visions they own, developing the ambitious projects and initiatives, and adopting proactive services that emulate the comprehensive aspirations of community members to meet their desires and their life needs, achieving happiness and quality of life for them, and contributing to shaping the features of the UAE Centennial 2071 and its global leadership.”

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