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The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure raises awareness of energy efficiency in support of the National Energy Strategy 2050 and the UAE Centennial 2071

ENERGY OFFICIANCY Building consumes more than 80% of the total power generated. Energy efficiency is one of the most important topics it can be achieved before the building construction in the design stage by considering the building orientation, window dimension ratio, Roof and wall insulation and mechanical system used. Also, in the next stage with is Construction by using local and recyclable building material. Finally, Operation stage. If all elements of the design stage were not encountered, then retrofit can take place. Recent research has estimated that approximately 20% of residential energy consumption is being wasted because of inefficient behaviors. Significant amount of saving can be achieved according to the Emirates Authority for standardization and metrology by: - Using an efficient lightning 6% - Home appliances 15% - Water heaters 13% - And most importantly AC 25%

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