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Open Data

  • Most Used E-Services as of July 11, 2020
    • Field Visit Permits
    • Geological Maps
    • Geological Reports
    • Geophysical Reports
Latest Count of Available Documents
  • Reports and  Statistics 29 Reports and Statistics
  • Petrol Station Directories 6 Petrol Station Directories
  • Website Traffic 17 Website Traffic
  • National Communication Report 3 National Communication Report
  • Petrol Stations Map Locate the petrol station near youp view LARGE MAP
  • MOEI Maps 48 Maps available for download

    Sale of Geological maps

What Information Do You Need to Know?

You can simply search for any available documents in our open data page by choosing a category or typing the keyword on the search below

Gasoline & Diesel Domestic prices 2019Gasoline & Diesel Domestic prices 2019Reports and Statistics201932KB394 TimesDownload
Annual Statistical Report 2018 BookAnnual Statistical Report 2018 BookReports and Statistics20192049KB0 TimesDownload
UAE State Energy Report 2019UAE State Energy Report 2019Reports and Statistics201913385KB2638 TimesDownload
Gasoline & Diesel Domestic Prices 2018Gasoline & Diesel Domestic Prices 2018Reports and Statistics2018831KB0 TimesDownload
customer details2018customer details2018Reports and Statistics2018183KB429 TimesDownload
WebSite Speed 2018WebSite Speed 2018Website Traffic201871KB464 TimesDownload
WebSite Speed 2018 csv WebSite  Speed  2018 csv Website Traffic20184KB353 TimesDownload
Annual Statistical Report 2017Annual Statistical Report 2017Reports and Statistics2018170273KB0 TimesDownload
WebSite Overview 2018WebSite Overview 2018Website Traffic20186KB0 TimesDownload
WebSite Location Jan-Jul 2018WebSite Location Jan-Jul 2018Website Traffic2018161KB304 TimesDownload

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