Service CodeMOEI-10172
Annual license to accredit specialized companies - rectification and calibration of the magnetic compass
Status Active

Service Time

Average time to obtain service : 3 working days

Service Fees

2000 AED

Service Description

This service allows the company to issue an approval license to correct and calibrate the magnetic compass

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Complete and print the online service request form
  2. Step2Attach the required documents
  3. Step3In person, visit the Registration and Licensing dept
  4. Step4Submit the application and pay the fees
  5. Step5Receive the license, Certificate or card

Target Audience

Private company & Individuals

Required Documents

  • The company’s qualification file, which includes the CVs of the workers, available facilities, and human resources
  • Commercial license
  • Membership in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Summary of inspections carried out by each technician during the year in case of renewal

Terms And Conditions

  • Nil
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