Service CodeMOEI-10057
Consultant Payment
Status Active

Service Time

1 Working Day

Service Fees

No fees

Service Description

Contractors exchange payments after the completion percentage of the work of the project

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Registration
  2. Step2 Enter payment data
  3. Step3Enter work item rates
  4. Step4 Upload the required files
  5. Step5Send payment

Target Audience

Private company & Contractors & Consultants

Required Documents

  • ​The first payment
  • Portrait Project
  • Work template
  • Approval of a settlement in the case of a contribution from the beneficiary
  • Minutes delivery site
  • Bank account number for the contractor
  • Closing payment 8 Work template
  • Minutes primary housing delivery
  • Completion certificate from the municipality or a reserve bank guarantee letter from the consultant till the Completion certificate is issued
  • Ensure the insulating layers and paints and reservoirs
  • Return bank guarantee payment
  • A letter frm the consultant regarding issuing return bank guarantee payment

Terms And Conditions

​The role of the electronic system to control the conduct of steps to enter the payment

  • Passing 30 days from the date of site delivery in the case of a first payment
  • No entering for payment is less than the minimum, and it is as follows : ( Contract value 500,000 70,000 minimum ) ( Value of the contract minimum 60000 400000 ) ( Contract value 300000 Minimum 50000 ) Note : Minimum down payment does not apply in the event of the completion rate was 90%
  • Need to match the percentage in the project template with completion work done in case of uncompleted project
  • No handover bank guarantee only after the final payment
  • Do not exceed the overall percentage of 50% of the plaster work item in case of new instruction i=m
  • You cannot send the payment in case it is not complete download all attachments
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