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Geophysical Studies Purchase Request
Status Active

Service Time

2 working days- 7 working days

Service Fees

15000 - 70000 AED

Service Description

the service is concerned with providing digital and paper (magnetic - gravitational - radioactive) reports and atmospheric geophysical studies that were implemented through the use of private planes and covered an area (98,000 km²) of the UAE lands, in addition to providing digital and paper reports and geophysical studies to cover the territory of the UAE united seismic surveys

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Application's Submission
  2. Step2Payment of the fees
  3. Step3Transaction delivery

Target Audience

Individuals, Business

Fees Details

The fees Depending on the required area & The final price of the service does not include shipping fees, the fees must be paid upon receipt to the shipping company

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does obtaining a copy require visiting the Ministry and receiving it directly?

A: It is not required for the customer to attend the Ministry’s headquarters. The ministry delivers the service at the customer’s expense.


Q: Are geological film prices inclusive of shipping and handling rates?

A: The prices of the services do not include shipping and delivery, provided that the customer bears the shipping and delivery fees


Q: What is the service fee payment method?

A: Service fees are collected and international bank credit cards, and the value of the service tax (5% of the service value) is added automatically

Required Documents


Terms And Conditions

Signing an undertaking not to share or publish the data with other parties

Working hours to provide service

  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours

    • Customer happiness center - Dubai
    • Customer happiness center – Ras Al Khaimah
    • Customer happiness center - Fujairah

  • Website: 24/7
  • Smart App: 24/7
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