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You have to register in the website to apply for MOEI services

Petroleum Products Trading Register
Status Active

Service Time

One working day

Service Fees

A fee of 500 dirhams for one-time registration in the trading register.

Service Description

A special record shall be established in the Ministry called the “Petroleum Substances Trading Register”, in which data relating to the authorized person, and the facilities and means of transportation that are traded through or through which local companies operating in the field of oil and gas are recorded.

The technical regulation of this law determines the form of the register, the data to be included in it, and the registration mechanism.

The competent authorities shall provide the Ministry with the data of the licensees.

Registration fees were approved by Cabinet Resolution No. (15/19) for the year 2020.

Service Procedures

  • Step1Entering the Ministry's website.
  • Step2Registration in the renewal of the petroleum products trading register.
  • Step3Fill in the required data as per the attachment.
  • Step4Add attachments.
  • Step5Pay the service fee.
  • Step6Refer to the concerned person in the ministry for approval or rejection.
  • Step7In the case of approval, the certificate of record is issued and printed by the client or the ministry. In case of refusal, he completes the rest of the requirements based on the observations of the official in the ministry.

Target Audience

petroleum companies

Added Value


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the petroleum products trading register?

It is a register of companies licensed to trade petroleum products as defined and specified in Law No. 14 of 2017 regarding the circulation of petroleum products and its executive regulations No. 35 of 2019 and it is one of the conditions for obtaining a license for those wishing to obtain a license to trade petroleum materials in the United Arab Emirates.

How can I contact the petroleum products trading registry team?

You can contact the petroleum products trading registry team via

  • Phone: 8006634
  • Fax: +971 26190001
  • P.O. Box: 59 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Email: Petroleum&

Is there a live chat with the Petroleum Trading Registry team?

Yes, you can have a live chat with the Petroleum Trading Registry team.

How and where can I provide feedback on the petroleum products trading history?

Use the 'Contact Petroleum Registry Team' page to share your opinions

Is it possible to browse the Petroleum Substances Trading Registry website properly through smart devices and/or mobile phones?

Yes, the Petroleum Trading Registry website is designed to respond to a variety of tools and devices.

Can companies modify their data through the Petroleum Products Trading Register website?

Yes, corporate users can edit their private information

Required Documents

  • A copy of the permit to trade petroleum products or the initial approval of the license issued by the issuing authority.
  • A copy of the approved specifications and standards for the product.
  • Environmental permit issued by the competent environmental authority in the emirate.

Terms And Conditions

Initial approval of the license issued by the competent authority to issue a license to practice economic activities in the Emirate.


Service Relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals

Combating harmful practices on the national economy, security, safety, and environment related to the law. Each emirate determines the petroleum materials that the licensee may trade in accordance with the law, to create a federal database on the entities operating in the petroleum materials trading sector.


Government Entities Participating in the Service (from the beginning to its end), will be linked in the future

  • Abu Dhabi - Department of Economic Development.
  • Dubai - Department of Economic Development.
  • Sharjah - Department of Economic Development.
  • Ajman - Department of Economic Development.
  • Um al-Quwain - Um al-Quwain Municipality.
  • Ras Al Khaimah - Department of Economic Development.
  • Fujairah - Fujairah Municipality.

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