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Request to renew licenses to practice the profession for seafarers (seaman card)
Status Active

Service Time

One Working Day

Service Fees

200 AED - 300 AED

Service Description

This service allows the customer to renew licenses to practice a profession for all seafarers working on ship

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Application's Submission
  2. Step2Application Review
  3. Step3Payment of the fees
  4. Step4Transaction delivery

Target Audience

Government Entities, Business Sector

Fees Details

1. Fee for the following professions (navigation officer/doctor/radio operator/trainee cadet/seafarer/skipper license for a wooden commercial ship/maintenance technician/ tug master / electrician / pleasure boat skipper) 200 AED 2. Fee for the following professions (commercial ship master / chief officer / chief engineer / second engineer / dredger captain / maintenance engineer) 300 AED 3. Delay fee if the license is not renewed within 60 days from the date of its expiry, 50 AED for each month, with a maximum of 200 AED

Required Documents

  • Copy of seafarer certificates as applicable
  • A copy of the mandatory certificatesSeafarer medical fitness certificate
  • A copy of the passport (and residence if working  in the territorial waters)
  • Seafarer ID
  • A copy of the navigation license

Terms And Conditions

  • N/A
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