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Request to issue To Whom It May Concern Certificate to cancel foreign pleasure boat license
Status Active

Service Time

One Working Day

Service Fees

AED 50

Service Description

This service allows the customer to cancel the foreign boat license

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Application's Submission
  2. Step2Application Review
  3. Step3Payment of the fees
  4. Step4

Target Audience

Government Entities - Individuals(Citizen, Resident, Old Citizen, People of Determination)



Required Documents

  • Original license
  • Proof of identity (the authorized signatory)
  • The original security deposit receipt for the safety device
  • Cancellation letter for the safety device from the coast guard
  • Radio station license cancellation letter from the Communications Regulatory Authority for the boats of more than 35 feet in length

Terms And Conditions


Working hours to provide service

  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours
  • Website: 24/7
  • Smart App: 24/7
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