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Request Value Estimate of Accident Damage
Status Active

Service Time

3 working days

Service Fees

According to the estimated damage

Service Description

Submit a report to the accident’s perpetrators about the damages resulting from the Ministry’s Federal Road Campuses due to traffic accidents

Service Procedures

  1. Step1Fill online form
  2. Step2Upload Attachments
  3. Step3Transaction delivery
  4. Step4Pay fees (if any, according to the estimated value of the damages for receiving the clearance)

Target Audience

Individuals (Citizens, Residents, Senior Citizen, People of Determination and Visitors)


Ministry of Interior - Ministry of Finance - Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company _ DU - Emirates Telecommunications Corporation - All Insurance Authorities in UAE - Saaed - Rafid Automotive Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to apply for MOEI's road services from outside the country?

A: Yes, you can apply for MOEI's road services through the website or the smartphone application from any location, whether inside or outside the country


Q: What is meant by the "Accident Damage Estimation Service"?

A: It is a service through which the applicant can obtain a "Damage Value Report" for the traffic accident that caused damages to the federal roads assets by the applicant, In addition to obtaining a clearance letter addressed to the police departments upon payment


Q: What are the attachments required for the "Accident Damage Estimation Service"?

A: The police report showing the name of the person who caused the accident, as well as an easy reference to the location of the accident. Further communication with the applicant might be required in the event that the location of the accident is not accurately identified


Q: What should I do after receiving the electronic accident report?

A: Either direct payment through MOEI's electronic system / via smart phone application, Or send a report estimating the value of the damages to the insurance company to pay the amount of damages


Q: How can I pay in case of damages as a result of the accident?

A: The applicant can pay directly through the payment channels shown in the electronic system or via smartphone application, Or deposit the amount or a check in the ministry’s account shown in the damages report


Q: What happens when I pay directly through the system in the "Accident Damage Estimation Service"?

A: The applicant can pay directly through the payment channels shown in the system or via smart application, and receive the clearance letter via registered email directly


Q: What should I do after receiving the amount or check from the insurance company?

A: It must be deposited to the Ministry’s account shown in the accident damages value report, then send the payment receipt along with the damages value report to the following email ( After two working days, the clearance letter shall be sent to the same email

Required Documents

  • Accident report or letter from Police of details and location of accident

Terms And Conditions

  • The accident on the Ministry’s Federal Roads

Working hours to provide service

  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours

    • Customer happiness center - Dubai
    • Customer happiness center – Ras Al Khaimah
    • Customer happiness center - Fujairah

  • Website: 24/7
  • Smart App: 24/7


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