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Housing assistance loan exemption Request

About the service

This service allows recipients of housing assistance to submit a request for exemption from the housing assistance loan.

Service process

  • 1

    Fill the online form

  • 2

    Attach the required documents

  • 3

    Obtain the service

Required documents

  • Exemption request form from the beneficiary's heirs.

    • A copy of beneficiary's death certificate

    • A copy of Heritage Confinement.

    • A copy of the beneficiary's family book.

    • A copy of the power of attorney for the heirs, to proceed procedure on their behalf in government entities.

    • Real State and properties statement, valid commercial licenses in the real estate field of the applicant.

    • Income and Salary Certificate for the deceased beneficiary’s.

    • A document from the deed of ownership of the house.

    • Any other documents deemed by the committee.

  • Documents required in case decreasing borrower income :

    • Complete Exemption request form.

    • A copy of the passport

    • A copy of the family book.

    • A copy of the ID.

    • Detailed salary certificate or valid monthly subsidy, and in case of non-work, proof of non-work issued by the court or the notary public is required.

    • A certificate of real estate owned from authorized entity in the applicant’s emirate.

    • A statement from Al Etihad Credit Bureau regarding the applicant’s data and accounts.

    • In the case of medical disability: - Submit an approved medical report stating the applicant's partial or total disability.

    • Providing a valid certificate of indebtedness to the applicant.

    • Any other necessary documents requested by the committee

Expected time

25 working days

Service fees

  • N/A

Target audience

  • UAE National - Senior UAE National /Seniors -Special Needs -Other (please specify)

Service channels

  • MOEI website: 24/7
  • Smart app: 24/7
  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours (Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah)

Terms and conditions

  • Death of the beneficiary according to the following conditions : -
    • Exempting the borrower’s heirs from paying part or full remaining amount, in case of their difficult financial and social status, and their inability to repay the loan.
    • The heirs must submit the necessary documents for case assessment.
  • Decrease in the monthly income of the borrower according to the following conditions : -
    • he borrower’s monthly income falls below the monthly income limit specified for obtaining the financial loan, or as per capita income in the borrower’s family has become (3000) dirhams or less, with the expectation that this decrease will continue due to the age of the borrower and according to the adopted methodology.
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