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Opening a file for housing assistance Implementation

About the service

This service allows opening the individual project implementation file after issuing a housing assistance decision to start project work.

Service process

  • 1

    Fill the form

  • 2

    Upload Attachments

  • 3

    Transaction delivery

  • 4

    Fees Payment

Required documents

  • If the purpose of the housing support is (building / completing / adding / expanding / maintaining a house):

    • Housing support decision.

    • A copy of the building permit.

    • A picture of the Earth's map.

    • A letter from the bank with the contract.

  • If the purpose of the housing support (government housing):

    • A copy of the identity card

    • A picture of the Earth's map

    • Emirates Development Bank receipt (in case of loan)

    • In the case of a loan, the original housing insurance receipt (250

  • If the purpose of the housing support is (buying a home):

    • A copy of the passport or identity card (seller).

    • A letter from the seller with the required price for the dwelling (or a preliminary sale contract).

    • A copy of the passport or ident.

  • In the case of buying an apartment, the following documents must be added to the above:

    • A copy of the floor plan.

    • A copy of the ownership of the apartment in the name of the seller.

    • A copy of the building completion certificate (less than 7 y

Expected time

1 Working Day

Service fees

  • 500 AED from Contractor

Target audience

  • United Arab Emirates citizen

Service channels

  • MOEI website: 24/7
  • Smart app: 24/7
  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours (Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah)

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must have been issued a housing assistance decision
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