Global Star Rating System for Services

Anticipate and forecast services that the customer needs, based on his requests, preferences,and daily life requirements in a timely manner.

Services provided by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Renewal services

The customer will be notified to renew certificate/license/card before the expiry oreligibilityto apply for some servicesas the following services:

  1. Request to Renewal Non-Objection Certificate
  2. Housing Assistance Request
  3. Updating housing assistance data
  4. Reconsideration for Housing Assistance Decision
  5. Ownership of government housing
  6. Request to issue To Whom It May Concern Certificate for Housing Services
  7. Opening a file for housing assistance Implementation
  8. Request of Individual Housing Initial Handover
  9. Housing Arrears Assistance Scheduling Request
  10. Issuing a national transportation vehicle permit
  11. Renewal of a national transportation vehicle permit
  12. Cancelation/cross off a national transportation vehicle permit
  13. Request to issue permanent operating licenses for national establishments - Branch
  14. Request to renew the permanent operating license for national establishments - Branch
  15. Request to renew Automobile Club License
  16. Request to renew a guarantor license
  17. Request to extend a provisional registration certificate for a national commercial ship
  18. Request for issuance of permanent certificate of registry for national commercial ship
  19. Request to transfer ownership of a national commercial ship
  20. Issuing navigation license for commercial ship
  21. Extend the navigation License for commercial ship
  22. Request to amend data of the minimum safe manning document for national commercial ship
  23. Request for issue / extension of exemption certificate for national commercial ship
  24. Request issuance of insurance for oil tanker Civil Liability (CLC) for national commercial ship
  25. Request for issuance of Ownership Data Certificate for a commercial vessel
  26. Cancellation of pleasure boat license
  27. Renewal of pleasure boat registration or licensing
  28. Issuing deletion pleasure boat certificate
  29. Request for small boat driving license
  30. Request for renewal of PRO card
  31. Apply for Certificate of Competency (CoC)
  32. Apply for renewal of Certificate of Competency (CoC)
  33. Apply for renew of flag state endorsement
  34. Apply for Seafarer’s Discharge Book (SDB)
  35. Apply for Seafarer’s Discharge Book (SDB) Renewal
  36. Renewal of Seafarer's license
  37. Cancelation of Seafarer's license
  38. Annual endorsement of port statement of compliance

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