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Request Distance Measurement

Request Distance Measurement

About the Service

It is a service that enables the issuance of a certificate for determining the distance between (the place of work and the place of residence) or (the husband’s workplace and the wife’s workplace) and is provided to those wishing to obtain it from the employees of the federal and local authorities and others.

Required Documents

The required documents issued by approved authorities require a stamp, taking into consideration that the digital stamp is acceptable.

  • Letters from workplaces that states the location accurately of the applicant

Terms and Conditions

  • If the distance between the husband's workplace and the wife's workplace is requested: a letter from the workplace is required for each of the spouses
  • If the distance between the place of work and the place of residence is requested: a letter is required from the workplace and any proof of where the residence is located (e.g. property contract or lease)

Service Process

  • 1

    Application's submission

  • 2

    Transaction delivery

Expected Time

  • 2 working days

Service Fees

  • Nil

Target Audience

  • Government
  • Business
  • Individuals (Citizen, Resident, Senior Citizen & People of Determination)

Service Channels

  • MOEI website: 24/7
  • Smart app: 24/7
  • Happiness Service Centers: According to the service center working hours (Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah)


  • What is meant by "Distance Determination Service"?

    It is a free service through which the applicant can obtain a certificate indicating the distance between his work and his residence, or distance between the workplaces of the spouses

User guide

Please check the user guide (PDF) for using the system in order to apply for the service.

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Download form

Please download the form down below.

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